• Book launch date: 3rd August 2021
    I am very pleased to announce that on 3rd August 2021 Kogan Page will be launching my forthcoming book “Cross-border Logistics Operations, effective trade facilitation and border management”. This book has been a long time in the making and has…
  • Customs Issues Falling under INTA’s New Remit
    The purpose of this commissioned study is to provide a concise account about the relation between European Union (EU) trade and customs policies with particular focus on the common external tariff and trade facilitation as well as he external aspects of customs provisions and management.

List of recent publications


2021Grainger, A. “Cross-Border Logistics Operations: Effective Trade Facilitation and Border Management”, Kogan Page

Book Chapters

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Journal Articles

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Published Research Reports

2017Grainger, A. and Hintsa, J. “The roll of border management in implementing trade policy goals”, Report for the European Parliament’s Committee on International Trade, Brussels
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