Education in Trade and Customs Procedures

There are many reasons why people might want to become familiar with the subject of international trade and customs. For customs officials and their counterparts within the private sector there is the WCO PICARD Standard to draw upon. A number of universities around the world offer accredited programmes. Most of those universities are also members of the International Network of Customs Universities.

Many administrations around the world also provide for dedicated customs academies, colleges and universities. Practitioners may also consider trade and customs modules linked to other professional development programmes where knowledge of trade and customs procedures is critical – e.g export managers, logistics professionals, tax accountants, procurement officers, economists, civil servants, amongst others.

As a qualified lecturer I have helped develop, implement and deliver a wider range of programmes and training solutions at various institutions. This includes Master programmes at the University of Nottingham and the University of Münster. Frequently, I am also asked to deliver bespoke seminars and workshops for trade officials, officers and policy makers. Within the context of the UK’s departure from the European Union I also designed and help deliver much of Ireland’s customs training for its SME business community. The practical benefit of those training workshops were featured in the Irish edition of The Sunday Times and feedback from participants was excellent throughout.

For students and practitioners there are also a wide range of online training providers to call upon. The International Trade Centre and the World Customs Organisations are two examples of many. For those in need of a comprehensive overview or introduction to cross-border logistics operations – including applicable trade and customs procedures and underlying policy – I have written a dedicated textbook which can be purchased at most major bookshops.

At Trade Facilitation Consulting we frequently deliver bespoke training solutions for executives, policy makers and practitioners around the world. Often we will produce and write educational materials for third parties, too. Furthermore, training and mentoring services are regularly called upon in the delivery of trade facilitation solutions.

Please feel free to reach out to us if you wish to discuss further.