Workshop: Facilitating external trade via border management

On 25th January 2017 we proudly delivered a workshop at the European Parliament for members of its International Trade Committee (INTA). A recording of my presentation along with that of Dr Juha Hintsa can be accessed online at the European Parliament’s Media Centre.

Our subsequent report was published on the 25 July 2017 and is available for free download.

Citation: Grainger, A and Hintsa, J (2017) ” Facilitation External Trade via Border Management” European Parliament, Directorate-General For External Policies, Policy Department, July, Brussels [doi: 10.2861/701836 (pdf)]


The subject of trade facilitation and border management lies at the heart of EU trade policy, which seeks to take advantage of global value chains for the benefit of workers, consumers and businesses. This demands that goods may flow smoothly across borders without jeopardising EU values and standards. Trade facilitation principles help reduce the cost of cross-border trade in goods while safeguarding regulatory control objectives. Good border management practice is integral to trade facilitation. In this study many ideas and examples about how borders management can be improved are shown. The key is coordination, cooperation and integration within the respective border agencies (intra-agency), between the many border agencies (inter-agency) and international (with colleagues across the border and EU trade partners). Despite considerable policy interest, research is still in its infancy. There is much demand for further enquiry. This paper discusses relevant principles, ideas and concepts and concludes with a list of recommendations. This includes the recommendation to develop suitable EU institutions in aid of trade facilitation as well as for research.