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Dr Andrew Grainger has been asked to  lend advice and provide comment on a broad range of Brexit related issues. This has included giving evidence to the:

He has also been contracted by various UK government agencies to give bespoke training to senior officials in London and Geneva, and to conduct a series of Brexit related studies to assist in making informed policy decisions. Often Dr Andrew Grainger is also invited to give keynote presentations at Brexit focused events in the UK and abroad. Updates on events are provided in our blog.

Dr Andrew Grainger  has also led several large scale research projects with focus on Port Resilience. This work - which was conducted with the UK’s Department for Transport, UCL and the University of Nottingham - aims to help better protect the UK from disruptions at ports.

Depending on your organisation's requirements we can assist by offering:

  • bespoke research;
  • training;
  • impact simulations;
  • support in business continuity planning; and 
  • an outside perspective to plans that have already been developed.

Border Management

Borders are often depicted as a barrier. This need not be the case – border control objectives can often be achieved with reduced impact on business operations without compromising societal expectations. Dr Andrew Grainger has been involved in a wide range of projects with focus on border management related questions. Much of their focus has been on improving coordination between the various border agencies (especially in the sanitary and phytosanitary area), the use of data and technology, business process analysis, and the role of the private sector. His work also includes:

The cost of customs and borders

Dr Andrew Grainger has been involved in a wide range of trade facilitation focused cost studies. These might be specific to industry sectors, control regimes (e.g. Customs), or at the country level.

Recent conceptual work in collaboration with TU Delft about the costs of customs and borders across the supply chain has been published in the World Customs Journal.

A proposal with colleagues at the University of Nottingham for developing a method to measure trade facilitation was presented at the World Customs Organisation’s Picard Conference in 2017 – and has since been published in WCO News.

Dr Andrew Grainger’s work about the cost of importing meat into the UK received a lot of attention within the context of Brexit. 

Supply Chain Security and Trusted Traders

Dr Andrew Grainger has been involved in several studies researching supply chain security and the use of trade facilitation type ideas – such as risk management and preferential treatment for trusted businesses (authorised economic operators). Publications include work for SITPRO, the UK’s former trade facilitation agency, the European Parliament, and the University of Canberra. While serving as Secretary for EUROPRO, Dr Andrew Grainger also participated in the European Commission’s Trade Contact Group to inform on how best to implement the Security Amendment to the Customs Code – including the requirements for the Authorised Economic Operator regime.

Electronic Trade and Customs Solutions

Dr Andrew Grainger has extensive experience with Single Window implementations, electronic trade tariff systems (including the electronic trade tariff used in the UK), and web-based information portals. He is also experienced in developing innovative content for an online training solution being used by a major Geneva based international organisation.

Ongoing research activities with universities include looking at the use of big data and simulation tools to inform policy making and decision taking.

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